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Most people say that you should clean your gutters yearly. There are some who say that you should clean it during the fall and others who say that you can wait until fall turns to winter. This mostly depends on where you live. In the northern areas, you want clean gutters before the first snowfall. In southern areas where leaves drop from trees until winter, you may want to wait until then to tackle it. Either way, it is time to start considering gutter cleaning so that you can get prepared ahead of time. This includes getting a solid ladder and everything else that you will need.

Gutters are a great way to ensure that rain water does not fall next to your home. This protects the exterior walls and the foundation of your home from getting too much rain on them. Excess water close to your home can cause wooden areas to rot faster and could easily damage your home’s foundation. The reason you should clean them out is to ensure that they flow properly.

Leaves and twigs will stop up a gutter system. These items will blow onto your roof and combine with dirt and pollen. When the rain comes, those items are washed into the gutter and water will pool up in the gutter rather than flowing the way that it should. This blockage means that water is sitting on your home rather than running off and away from it, which could also lead to rotting.

To prepare to tackle cleaning, you should make sure that you have a stable metal ladder that is long enough to reach your gutters, gloves, goggles, your garden hose, which should also be long enough to reach easily, and a cleaning tool of some sort will also be beneficial. Most all of these items are designed to keep you safe while you are cleaning. If you look at your roof and see a lot of debris still lying there, you will also want to have a firm broom to clean the roof of your home.

Before you climb up the ladder, make sure that you tell someone you are going to clean the gutters or plan ahead to make sure someone can be home with you. This way, someone will know that you were cleaning them and be able to check on you to make sure you are okay. In the event of an accident, you will know that help will be on the way soon and in a bad situation, that is going to be very important.

Most people think about gutters as a safe chore to tackle. This is not always the case. People have to use ladders, water, and other items to clean out their gutters. The fact that you are up on a ladder can lead to a very dangerous situation, especially if you are trying to avoid climbing up and down by stretching out to one side of the ladder or the other. Therefore, we want to talk to you about safety so that you can tackle gutter cleaning in the safest way possible.

The first step is to choose the safest ladder you can find. If your ladder is wobbly and not very stable, you will also end up not being very stable. The more you try to reach, the more unstable you will become and the higher your risk of falling will be. For this reason, many people suggest that you use a metal ladder rather than a wooden one. Metal is stronger and therefore more stable. If possible, you should also avoid trying to stretch to reach for anything. If you are going to try and reach, you should have someone on the ground giving your ladder, and you, more support.

Many people also use water hoses when cleaning their gutters. This is a great idea because it will show you where blockages are and help you to clean out heavily soiled areas. However, because you are using water on a metal ladder, you need to make sure that your shoes are non-slip. When spraying water, you will also want to wear goggles to protect your eyes from having debris flushed out of the gutter and into your eyes. You should also avoid power lines when cleaning your gutters.

You may want to wear gloves to protect your hands. This is because insects will often make a home inside of the gutters of your home. The last thing you want to do is stick your hand in an ant bed while trying to flush them out of the gutter. They will not be happy and you may jerk around trying to get them off your hands. From there, it would be easy for you to fall. Gloves can also protect your skin from animal droppings and bacteria. They protect your hands from any sharp metal that may be exposed inside of your gutter, and more. If you prefer to not use your hands, gloves are still recommended, but you can also use a gutter cleaning tool.

It is easy for most people to gain an understanding of their home needing routine maintenance. You clean it, repaint it, and re-decorate so that it looks nice. You may repair issues when you first notice them so that you can ensure it stays a stable house for many years to come. There may be things that you do both inside and out yearly. The problem is; most people do not think about their gutters in their yearly routine and this is something you should do. Some people may even need to do it more often. Did you know that practicing yearly gutter cleaning can protect your home?

Most all of us live in an area that will, at least once a year, have yards that need to be raked because leaves fall from trees. These trees drop leaves not only on your lawn, but also on your home’s roof. The roof also catches twigs, dust, moss, and other debris, even if you are not aware of it. Then, your roof must also deal with rain and pollen.

When the rain comes down, anything that is on your roof will be drained off and into your gutters. Gutters have the responsibility of directing water off the roof and into a location that it will not cause damage. If your gutters are clogged or blocked with stuff, they cannot do what they need to do. This will mean that water may sit close to your roof where it can cause rot, especially along the edge where the gutter is. It can also mean that water is allowed to run down the side of your home between the gutters and roof. Over time, this drainage can have a negative effect on your home’s foundation.

The effects on your foundation may not come from the gutter, but the water that is allowed to dampen the soil around your home’s foundation. Most foundation issues are caused by dirt that becomes wet because it expands and then when it dries up, it shrinks away from the foundation. This weakens it to the point that the foundation may begin to bow. This is why gutters drain to a certain area and why neglecting it for years at a time can be devastating to your home. Isn’t it easier and cheaper to just clean the gutters as recommended?